The Team

Morris Mills Founder/Ceo- President

Morris Mills is an artist who treats the artificial boundaries between genres, as well as those between secular and sacred like speed bumps – he knows that they are there but he does not allow those boundaries to deter him. Mills was born in Greenville, Texas and raised in Chicago and those two musical hotbeds where genres like country, blues, funk, soul, jazz and Latin music bump up against each other informed a musical personality that is at one rebellious and reverent and constantly in pursuit of his own personal musical truth.

Over the course of six studio albums released since 2005, the pursuit of the ultimate personal musical, spiritual and political truths lead Mills to evolve artistically. His first project “Love and Coffee” was an R&B record that incorporated elements of funk and hints of the guitar god rock that he would embrace on later records, like 2019’s “The Dawn” and “The Revival,” a project released during the pandemic year of 2020.

Those divergent project were produced by one man for whom evolution has been the one constant in his artistic life. Mills has always been an artist who keeps his audience guessing. Mills will create a hard charging, rock influenced gospel tune like “Revival” and then drop a cover of the hedonistic Prince classic “Uptown.” Where some with limited vision will see this as hypocrisy, Mills focuses on the connective tissue of spiritual freedom of social expectations and norms that bind secular and sacred philosophies. That is the kind of deep insight that enlivened the art of the late great Prince Rogers Nelson, the Mills cites as his greatest musical influence.

Mills is an artist constantly on the move, and in an industry that rewards those with a follow the pack mentality, that kind of adventurous spirit carries risks. But the brave souls who stay for all the artistic, spiritual and emotional twists and turns will be better for experiencing the continuing of the legacy.

Darryl Cheeks CFO

Darryl has over 25 years experience in accounting, finance, marketing and operations. He is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a B.S. in Accountancy from the University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana. He received a four year academic scholarship as well as attended the Harvard Summer Venture Management Program. Darryl previously held the position as Owner, CEO and President of Chicagoland Foods with a product line of over 85 food products offered in 30 states and 7 countries around the world. He has also served as CFO of Pentacom Industries, a $184 million company in inventory management, order fulfillment, and extended supply chain management. Darryl has the business acumen and expertise to provide Black Rhino’s clients with excellence in accounting, taxation, financial services, risk management, marketing, and personal financial planning. Darryl additionally has extensive experience in nonprofit, ministry and charity work. He was the Founder and Executive Director of Soul Foods Prison Ministries, which served the incarcerated population of Illinois, he held the position of Board Chairman for Southwestern Christian College, as well as having served as the Board President for A Safe Place, a transitional living and shelter for domestically abused women and children. Darryl also currently serves as the ministering evangelist of the Waukegan Church of Christ and sits on the Dean’s Business Counsel for the University of Illinois’ Business School. 

Sylvester Carter


Sylvester Carter believes that every great relationship is founded on exceptional service.  The world's largest brands, iconic athletes, and superstar entertainers are symbolic of his career.  Prior to PMG, he co-created Brij Brands with Mr. Sherman Easter.  Brij was created to serve as the bridge between content creation, management, and monetization. Brij has represented a number of iconic artists, athletes, and producers.  Many of them are certified as World Champions, Grammy winners, U.S. Platinum and U.S. Diamond certified.  Mr.Carter has consulted indie labels and artists with Epic Records, Warner Records, Universal Music Group, and Capitol Records.

Sherman Easter


Sherman Easter is an executive and marketing professional that thrives on putting people and products together to create an amazing outcome. Mr. Easter has always been a part of seeing the bigger picture and creating strategies and ideas that fit into this mold. Mr. Easter has worked with several major and independent companies including Music World (Beyoncé / Destiny’s Child), Live Nation(Clear Channel), DC Shoes, Brand Jordan, Adidas, NASCAR, and the country of Bermuda’s Board of Tourism. Mr. Easter was the driving force in creating the ideas to submit to the team and in turn, created full marketing plans and strategies for each project. As part of the Hot Iron group, Mr. Easter will lend his marketing and branding expertise to each project. Thus giving each the edge needed to stand out in today’s competitive market.
Jay Myers

Jay Myers CIO brings his 30 years of expertise in branding, web, e-commerce, and mobile technologies.  As a Merchant Integration Engineer at PayPal, he worked with startups to Fortune 500 companies implementing PayPal payments into their systems. As President / CEO of eCnet Solutions, he has partnered with numerous organizations bringing advanced technological ideas to the forefront by providing specialized solutions with business needs in mind. He has supported small and medium-sized businesses across the United States, driving their organizational goals and ideas with innovation.

Founder of FunkTropolis™ All Thangs Funky The Paradise of Funk is a celebration of Funk music and its creators. We not only play the funk; we also educate our audience about the one and tell stories about the artist and songs. Our goal is to have funk music, groove and cool be contemporary.
Jacquelyn Gonzalez  Director of Project Management

Jacquelyn was born in Chicago, Illinois and lived there until she was 16 when she moved to Hawaii. From there she traveled to London, England and most of Europe and the U.S.

Jacquelyn moved to London in 1984 where she spent 3 years working for the private club and restaurant Morton’s of Berkeley Square. As membership secretary, she was also responsible for planning and promoting parties for Polydor, Noroff-Robbins Music Therapy and local themed parties.

In 1997, she was offered a position with Marriot-Globetrotters Engineering, a joint venture formed for the privatization of CPS’ operations, as a Property Advisor. Jacquelyn was able help her company and team reach the highest percentages of African American, Hispanic & Women’s contractors. More than the other 5 regions and 5 companies in the CPS system. She saw a need to educate minority contractors on how to navigate the governmental systems to help take them to the next Level. Two years into this project, the mayor’s office asked her to join their team, as a project manager, with the Public Building Commission during the rebuilding of police facilities. Two years later they offered her a position with  the CHA, Chicago Housing Authority, as a contract administrator. The budgets for these three projects exceeded 1.5 trillion dollars.

2017, she began working for Prince charities PRN Alumni Foundation. She helped facilitate Purple Playground’s first year of their 1 week workshop, The Academy of Prince, for aspiring students between the ages of 12-16. The camp is grounded is the philosophies of Prince Rogers Nelson. Celebrity musicians came in each day to help students learn the writing and recording process while lending their artistry to the production. At PRN Alumni Foundation, Jacquelyn worked in merchandising, charity event production and hosting.


Lenny Levine

Lenny Levine is a well-respected veteran in the music and entertainment industry. His passion for the music industry grew out of his first job managing an independent record store in Montreal. Lenny then joined EMI Music (Capitol / Virgin) to work in sales and marketing for the major label and distributer. While at EMI Lenny had a chance meeting with legendary concert impresario Donald K. Donald (C.M.), a promoter extraordinaire and an influential force that helped build the touring careers of artists such as Celine Dion, The Rolling Stones, U2 among others. Soon after their meeting, Lenny began his employment at DKD, rising quickly to become Vice President of Marketing. As the company expanded its operations, Lenny was promoted to Executive Vice President of The Donald K Donald Group of Labels, (Aquarius Records, Last Gang Records, Arts & Crafts International and more). During this period, Lenny was instrumental in developing the international careers of many artists, most notably award winning, multi-platinum rock band SUM 41.

Having held key executive roles in successful, forward thinking companies, Lenny has accumulated invaluable leadership experience, as well as cultivated a trusted network of associates, contacts and business partners in North America and around the world. Lenny brings his expertise, determined effort, entrepreneurial team spirit and unique style to all his business endeavours. His greatest asset is the ability to identify artistic ability and creatively actualize talent to its fullest potential. This – in addition to Lenny’s capability of skillfully connecting people to brands, products and lifestyle – allows him to establish deeply curated music driven product experiences, that are geared to cultivated consumer-based networks in order to generate long-term revenue.

Roggie Baer

Roggie began as a buyer at the University of Arizona in the late 80’s through SUAB where She  led booking for both Eat to The Beat with bands like (Red HoRed Hot Chili PeppersJane’s AddictionBilly Idol) and for Spring Fling  (JellyfishRedd KrossPosiesPaladins , some promoting at Counter Club and Club Congress (I brought the first El Vez show to Tucson, as well as the Ringling Sisters).  Roggie  was also KAMP student Radio music director, and made a few trial national bookings for Green On Red and Giant Sand. At the time She was a Chemistry major, and going between the chemistry lab and my music office with a lab coat and a Motorola brick cell phone.  Her mother (also named Roggie) was in grad school at UA these same years so I changed the spelling of my name to Raji.

My booking agency, RajiWorld was named in 1991 to honor a great club and keep the name alive. Raji’s was a rock and roll nightclub in central Hollywood, in the 1980s and early 1990s: one of the great affectionate sweaty smoke filled ‘dives’ of rock, which featured among others performances by bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Redd Kross, Jane’s Addiction, The Dream Syndicate, Tex and the Horseheads, Mary’s Danish, The Miracle Workers, Social Distortion, the Mentors, GG Allin, The Nymphs, and Los Lobos, as well as out-of-town acts like Nirvana, Hole, The Pink Fairies, Pussy Galore and Kyuss. Top-draw local acts like Thelonious Monster, The Muffs, the Red Aunts, The Lazy Cowgirls, Beck, TrashCan School, Oiler, Butt Trumpet, Kill Buddha, the Sacred Hearts, Baby Girl English and many others found enthusiastic crowds as well. My first client was Rosie Flores.  I booked her to play at the U of A, a conference in PHX, and a club show in Tucson.  I worked the door at the club show and part-way through the night the bar owner collected the money so I wouldn’t have to hold it.  I trusted him.  He passed out in the office and never paid us. I withdrew all my savings and gave her what I could.  She later found out about it and asked if I would book her.  I soon added Duane Jarvis and Buddy Miller, who were direct referrals and that was how it started.


Stephanie Levine 

Stephanie Levine has over 20 years of experience in the music industry as an entrepreneur and consultant. Starting her career in London with Freerange Recording Studios, Stephanie was exposed to the vibrant Punk scene. Stephanie's experience working at MCA Music Publishing, establishing the first music sampler gives her a rich background in the industry. Additionally working with Fortune 500 companies including Footlocker and Dunkin Donuts while working with her client Brandgames. Stephanie has also worked with Daniel Lubovsky, CEO & Founder at the Kind Company.

As Director of Licensing, working directly with Chris Blackwell; the president of Island Records; for Island Records/Island Outpost and The Bob Marley Music Estate, Stephanie closed hundreds of licensing deals throughout the world. While working with such artists including Stephen Marley, Damian Marley & Cedella Marley. In conjunction, Stephanie was Director of Licensing at Tuff Gong Records working with Steel Pulse.

Stephanie has helped to orchestrate additional licensing programs with Santanas’ company Heaven Smiles and with Janie Hendrix for The Jimi Hendrix Estate, culminating in a star studded collaboration at The Licensing Show at Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Having been President of her own PR and nationally distributed record label by Nile Rogers company (Sumthing Distribution); her  entertainment companies, Converge Records & Levine Management; she additionally was executive producer and  collaborated with Gibson and The Blue Note for her live artist and film event “The Women of Soul Series”. Stephanie understands the challenges of the business leading with new strategies for success.